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Database Administrator - SYSCOR

Database Administrator, SYSCOR
Montreal, QC, CANADA
Posted Jan 4, 2011 1 Position(s)

Syscor is directly associated with McGill University Health Center, one of the best employer in Canada.

McGill University Health Center (MUHC) runs multiple clinical applications using Oracle or Sybase, and the support of these is usually done in-house. Syscor is a non-profit organisation created by MUHC to provide computer-related services to MUHC and other health care entities. The Syscor CIS (Clinical Information System) group requires a Database Administrator to join its DBA group. He/she should be able to offer the following DBA services on Sybase as well as on Oracle.

1-     Ensure availability of systems to users.
2-     Manage and monitor the Replication Server or Cluster configurations to ensure that single point failures do not affect data accessibility.
3-     Safeguard the integrity of the data from being compromised by undesirable applications or by inappropriate user access to sensitive areas or by human error.
4-     Monitor application performance and fine tune accordingly. Assist developers in fine-tuning SQL and stored procedures.
5-     Ensure that Backup and Recovery procedures are effective and reliable
6-     First tier Unix administration on Sun or other servers

Skills and expertise required:
To meet his responsibilities, he/she will:

  • Have working experience of Sybase ASE
  • Have working experience with Unix or Solaris to perform, with the assistance of other Syscor experts, first tier System Administration duties, coordinate hardware/software fixes, patches, OS upgrades, or hardware acquisitions.
  • Manage, understand and respect database licences
  • Be part of the on-call pool of DBA on a rotation basis.
  • Work collaboratively with Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal's DBA to share expertise

·        University level training in I.S. or relevant field
·        3 years experience as a DBA , one year with Sybase
·        1 year experience with Unix
Sybase Replication Server experience a definite asset

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