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Membership Coordinator/Database Administrator - Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (B.I.A)

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Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (B.I.A) - Toronto, Ontario; As the heart of Toronto, Downtown Yonge is the place to find some of the best business, shopping and entertainment opportunities in the world; DBMS: Microsoft Excel; Past job postings: Membership Coordinator/Database Administrator; Career Opportunities .

Membership Coordinator/Database Administrator, DOWNTOWN YONGE BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT AREA

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Posted Jun 21, 2011 1 Position(s)


The Membership Coordinator/Database Administrator is responsible for accurate contact records for the organization.

This position develops and implements a full-spectrum strategy for ensuring the ongoing accuracy of contact information.  The position contributes to the growth of member awareness of Downtown Yonge. 

This is to be achieved through ongoing contact with members. This includes such approaches as walk-abouts of the area; in person visits of members' places of business; telephone calls; regular & electronic mailings; web searches; assessment record searches; land registry searches; corporate searches; following up on undelivered mail; and information from business cards.

The main technology to be used is the association's web-based Salesforce database - a highly customizable approach that allows our team members on-line access to our membership records. The main function of Membership Coordinator/Database Administrator is the ongoing updating of this database.

Strong interpersonal skills are required as this position will serves as the first point of contact with many members of Downtown Yonge. Making a positive impression through in-person and other forms of communications is essential.

This position reports to the Executive Director of the Downtown Yonge B.I.A.


Major Responsibilities

Contact Records

-Provides accurate and up to date contact records of the approximately 2,000 commercial tenants and property owners who are members of Downtown Yonge.

-Provides accurate and up to date records of other contacts including vendors, suppliers, government contacts, stakeholders, and others.

Contact Lists

-Provides management team members with customized lists of contacts for a range of communications purposes.

-Provides a monthly inventory of the area's vacant retail space with the contact information for the real estate broker, where applicable.


-Provides an electronic directory of membership listings for public use on the Downtown Yonge web site and through mobile applications.

-Provides a printed directory of membership listings for use by our visitors information service, the Downtown Yonge Discovery Team.



-Formats & distributes various electronic & printed publications to subscribers.

-Coordinates paper-based mailings with the support of a mailing house service provider.


-Shares member feedback with the management team.

-Provides updates at daily management team meeting & actions on requests from the team.

-Enlists the help of the Downtown Yonge Discovery Team for additional tracking of member records.


-Salesforce experience is considered a highly desired asset

-Previous database experience required

-Proficient in using Microsoft Excel

-Previous mass e-mail broadcasting experience an asset

-Minimum 2 years of office experience

-Self-starter who is able to make effective use of time & limited resources

-Ability to meet short/long term deadlines; set priorities and work effectively under pressure of high volume work and competing demands

-Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills

-Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment

-Excellent strategic thinking, tactical planning skills & implementation abilities

-Project management skills, with ability to manage timelines

-Strong work ethic, results-oriented, team player, committed to supporting the not-for profit sector


Type of Position

-Part time (20 hours/week) employment

-from July 11, 2011 to June 30, 2012

-Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm.

-Compensation: $12/hour

-Contract position

Only qualified candidates are asked to apply. Please send both cover letter and resume to: James L. Robinson, Executive Director at  Application deadline: Monday, June 27, 2011.


About Downtown Yonge


The Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (B.I.A) is the association of 2,000 businesses and property owners in downtown Toronto. Founded in 2001, the mandate is to revitalize and position Downtown Yonge as Canada's premier business, shopping and entertainment destination.

For further information:,, and Twitter: @DowntownYonge

Last updated on June 25, 2011