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MSSQL Server DBA - Thomas Cook North America

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Company Profile:

Thomas Cook North America - Toronto, Ontario; Thomas Cook North America, a billion+ dollar travel company, is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We are comprised of market leading tour operators, wholesalers, and travel agencies located in Canada and the United States ; Past job postings: MSSQL Server DBA ; DBMS:Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, mySQL and postgreSQL; Career Opportunities .


Toronto, ON, CANADA
Posted Sep 25, 2011 1 Position(s)


Reports To:      Manager Data Management and Reporting

Responsibility Statement: Manage Thomas Cook databases.

Key Results and Activities:
Effectively manage databases
·      Take responsibility for company's primary MSSQL server databases
·      Support other databases and applications including Oracle, Informix, mySQL and  postgreSQL.
·      Perform backups , restores , manage user roles and quotas on the databases
·      Do routine maintenance including database rebuilds, re-indexing and file expansions
·      Diagnose and  repair database problems. Manage escalation to vendors.
·      Anticipate and take preemptive measures where necessary to ensure performance and uptime.
·      Manage multiple application development  and support environments.
·      Manage data warehouses and ETL.
·      Evaluate, recommend and implement patches and upgrades on databases.
·      Research and recommend tools, policies, procedures that will facilitate,  improve service delivery while reducing the cost.
·      Support projects by providing technical documentation, impact analysis, installations, data loading, conversions, testing, etc.
·      Create and/or maintain  tools , scripts, programs, packages, reports and functions as required
·      Liaise with vendors and suppliers where necessary to obtain services and support.
·      Other tasks as assigned.

Specialized Knowledge, Skills, Attributes Required:
·         Competence in MSSQL database administration
·         Strong database programming skills - stored procedures, triggers etc
·         Well-developed problem solving and analytical skills.
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills
·         Good interpersonal and team skills.
·         Must be self motivated and show initiative
·         Must have a record of excellence
·         Requires proven ability to grasp and use new information , data and concepts
·         Must be above to deliver results when under pressure
·         Must be able to multi-task, set priorities and meet timelines.

Academic Qualifications and Experience

·         University Degree or equivalent in Computer Science
·         Experience administering MSSQL server databases
·         Experience with administering Oracle or other application server technology and asset
·         Windows scripting is an asset.

Working Conditions

·         Office environment
·         Overtime  work will be required
·         Required to share on/call pager duties

Last updated on October 10, 2011