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System administrator - T&T Supermarket Inc.

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  • Position:System Administrator
  • Employment Status:Full-time
  • Duties:

    • Operate database/data warehouse environment efficiently
    • Contribute in database design and sizing
    • Manage Workstation and server
    • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with data center and store systems
    • Install and configure server, workstations and applications

    Other requirements:
    • Strong problem solving skill and ability to conduct research into system issues
    • Experience in MS Window Server and Active Directory administration
    • Ability to automate task using Powershell scripts or VB Script
    • Ability to support MS SharePoint environment would be an added advantage
    • Knowledge of VMware Server and VMware vSphere Hypervisor preferred
    • Ability to work overtime and weekends

  • Requirements:

    The ideal candidate should be a university graduate in related discipline and has 5 years experience in MS SQL Server support experience such as
    • Supporting, tuning, optimizing, deploying updating and upgrading MS SQL instances
    • Database design and Database Security design
    • MS Business Intelligence technology
    • Database partitioning

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Last updated on March 13, 2011