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DBA - Business Intelligence - Tsavo Media

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DBA - Business Intelligence, TSAVO MEDIA

Guelph, ON, CANADA
Posted Apr 1, 2011 1 Position(s)


Tsavo Media has established itself as a leading online media publisher. We¿ve taken an active role in shaping the landscape for seekers of information, products and services all over the world. Tsavo Media has more than 15 million visitors to our network each month, more than 300 websites offering consumer information and professional services, and thousands of regionally focused local websites.

Benefits & Rewards

Tsavo offers its team members a broad range of rewards and benefits. Competitive compensation, a flexible, friendly work environment and added incentives combine to make our employees true partners in our success.


Tsavo actively supports its employees' career development goals. Our employees are urged to take extra courses, attend seminars or begin long-term educational programs. We offer opportunities to attend company-sponsored training and encourage attendance at industry and career-related conferences and events.


Tsavo's culture is exciting and vibrant. We work under the premise that a collaborative work environment which supports creativity will yield best results for all. Challenging projects, cutting-edge technology and talented co-workers combine to make coming to work each day a pleasure.


We believe that creative minds need plenty of opportunities to unwind and recharge. Tsavo is committed to providing team members with opportunities that make work genuinely pleasurable. Our on-site gym encourages a healthy lifestyle. A well-stocked refreshment area, company sports teams, fun team-building expeditions and other activities all serve to promote a good work-life balance and foster a strong sense of community among our employees.

The DBA's primary responsibilities include daily management and administration of a variety of database technologies such as but not limited to Sql Server. The responsibilities include performance analysis, setup/install, troubleshooting, normalization/optimization, capacity planning, database architecture and partitioning, and ELT.


The DBA collaborates with his/her peers and provides the technical input, experience and advice required to complete challenging technical scenarios. 


·         Review and implement new database projects and changes to existing database applications and ensure appropriate change management procedures are followed.

·         Analyze and perform all aspects of databases systems including but not limited to database software, Operating System elements, Disk sub-systems, etc.

·         Develop and maintain accurate documentation of all areas encompassing the database infrastructure

·         Review and optimize new and existing data processes within the applications. This includes optimization of queries and stored procedures

·         Provide database services to projects at each phase of delivery

·         Provide expert consulting to projects regarding database design approaches and the most effective use of database technologies

·         Provide leadership in the establishment of data standards and in the evolution of the data environment toward a consistent, managed standard

  • Perform physical design of application databases and file structures, including capacity planning with respect to future needs and growth


·         Current Expert knowledge of SQL Server, Data Modelling and Data Warehousing

·         At least 4 years experience in SQL Server database administration in complex business situations. Microsoft certification is an asset.

·         Experience with Sql Server 2008 and SSIS is required

·         Experience with VLDB (500 GB+)

·         Strong query and stored procedure optimization skills.

·         Experience with a range of data management practices including standards definition and enforcement, logical and physical data modeling.

·         Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

·         A team player with good interpersonal skills in team building, mentoring, coaching, negotiation, mediation, and influencing.

·         Strong presentation and communication skills, written and verbal.


  • Good analytical, communication and decision-making skills are essential
  • Must be able to operate independently and be comfortable making decisions in situations where data is lacking or absent
  • Must be able to multitask (juggle multiple projects simultaneously)
  • When unsure of next steps, decisions or outcomes, proactively meets with supervisor
  • Decisions impact and are influenced by development peers, managers, VP and the CTO
  • Should develop a firm understanding of how our business model works


·         Reports to a Development Manager

·         Takes direction from Dev. Manager and VP of Software Development and the CTO

·         Must develop good communication rapport with peers, development staff 


  • Must balance methodology, process and documentation needs with the need to move quickly in an internet-based business environment
  • Must be able to work equally well with very technical people and non-technical stakeholders
  • Must help evolve our knowledge of new technical offerings, technologies and our ability to use them


  • Experience with VLDB (500 GB+)
  • Experience with SSIS


Last updated on April 11, 2011