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Application Database Administrator, PEPSICO, INC

Mississauga, ON, CANADA
Posted Feb 11, 2011 1 Position(s)



-Lead definition and execution of standard database administration procedures for all of our Eloquence, Progress, and Sybase databases (e.g. monitor usage, performance, logs, security, capacity planning, etc.)

-Lead definition and execution of standard Oracle Applications administration procedures (e.g. monitor usage, performance, logs, security, capacity planning, infrastructure setup, etc.).

-Lead, plan, define, develop, and implement corrective actions to address isolated and recurring issues.

-Partner with system analysts to review performance of new objects and/or changed objects and lead performance tuning sessions.

? Lead, plan, define and implement patching strategy for Oracle Applications, Eloquence, Progress and Sybase.

-Implement database changes in production.

-Define and execute standard environment management and cloning procedures to enable development and troubleshooting efforts.

-Define implement and test database backup strategy.

- Define, implement and test disaster recovery procedures for Oracle Applications, Eloquence, Progress, and Sybase.

-Act as an Oracle application and Eloquence, Progress, Sybase Subject Matter Expert and supporting Systems Analysts in development efforts.

- Maintain Oracle Applications architecture and database environment documentation.



-Proficiency in PL/SQL

- Proficiency in database administration processes and procedures using Oracle technology

-Comprehensive knowledge of unix (HP UX and/or AIX)

-Project management

- Ability to influence people that have no directly reporting relationship.

-Superior analytical and interpretive skills.

- Outstanding communication and presentation skills.

QUALIFICATIONS (Minimum Requirements):

- University degree in Computer Systems, or equivalent experience.

-5+ years of experience of working with Oracle databases

-2+ years of experience of working as a DBA or any other technical role (e.g. architect) with Oracle Applications.

- Experience with Sybase or Progress is an asset.

Last updated on February 20, 2011