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SQL Server 2005/2008 DBA - Integrity Canada Inc.

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Company Profile:

Integrity Canada Inc. - Toronto , Ontario; Integrity's aim is to operate as your staffing partner, so you can focus on running your department.; Past job postings: SQL Server 2005/2008 DBA ; DBMS: SQL Server 2005/2008 ; Career Opportunities .

Job Code: #3196
Title: SQL Server 2005/2008 DBA
Date Posted: 08/29/2011
Job Type: Contract
Job Location: Toronto Ontario

Job Description:

One of our clients in the downtown area is looking for a Senior SQL Server 2005/2008 DBA to join a team in support of a large application migration/deployment project. Currently the client is finalizing migration and onboarding of one of their locations into the new web based application (CRM) system and there are additional products being deployed which require overnight or weekend work. Most of the operational maintenance work is performed after hours as well.

The primary responsibility is to promote a database build to a production environment. The DBA will need to be able to work nights and weekends and have very flexible hours. The DBA will be able to work at times from home. The environment is an operations/production environment vs. development.

Must have experience:
1. Diagnosing performance issues
2. Optimizing scripts and queries
3. Replication, distribution, and publishing
4. Working with clustered SQL Server 2005/2008 databases

This project involves using migration utilities to port a legacy database into the new SQL Server database. The DBA will assist in cleaning up the data post-migration and will work with the client to make sure that none of the data is lost. They are migrating all of their data from the last 3 years…it is very complex and since it contains very highly confidential data.

Important experience to have:

-Replicating databases is very important as they will be required to replicate the database for the CRM environment, Development, Test, and AdHoc Reporting environments.
-Optimizing scripts & queries - know where indexes are required
-Experience setting their own priorities
-Multitasking and flexibility to jump in when needed


SQL Server 2005 - DBA 

Immediate Contract 6 months +


Summary- Large Application Migration Project

The Microsoft SQL Server DBA will be responsible for managing large databases and working with leading edge technologies. The DBA will support enterprise systems using SQL Server and Windows Server platforms; provide technical expertise and leadership supporting production and development databases; document database deployment & maintenance procedures; develop performance monitoring strategies; oversee performance tuning, security, and daily maintenance of enterprise data infrastructure.


Reporting to the Manager, you will be responsible for the following:

  • ·        Install, configure, and maintain SQL Server 2005/2008 databases
  • ·        Design, document, and implement active/passive database server clusters
  • ·        Design, document, and implement transactional replication strategies
  • ·        Pro-actively monitor and adjust database parameters and support structures
  • ·        Write SQL scripts to fulfill data management requirements
  • ·        Diagnosing and fixing slow running queries
  • ·        Diagnose and correct database failure conditions
  • ·        Ensure top DB performance via proper DB design and system tuning
  • ·        Develop a resiliency plan against infrastructure failures
  • ·        Creating alerts to monitor the health of the database.
  • ·        Provide database expertise to help provide effective problem management for the Application Support team
  • ·        Develop data models and maintain database schemas
  • ·        Maintain database design documentation and metadata
  • ·        Optimize SQL statements
  • ·        Import/Export clients’ databases
  • ·        Develop and implement SQL standards and policies.
  • ·        Develop database utilities to help the development/problem management process.


The successful candidate will meet the following requirements:

  • ·        Good communications skills
  • ·        Must have hands on experience with replication, clustering, optimization, backup performance tuning and security
  • ·        Diploma/degree in Computer Science, or equivalent formal training.
  • ·        Microsoft DBA Certification is desirable
  • ·        Knowledge of Internet technologies and Microsoft Windows platforms
  • ·        5+ years experience working with SQL Server.
  • ·        Intermediate to advanced skills in writing SQL statements and stored procedures.
  • ·        Experience in designing applications or database schema
  • ·        Strong understanding of relational database theory and principals of normalization
  • ·        Proven diagnostic, analytical, and problem solving skills
  • ·        Exposure to development in C# or .NET is desirable
  • ·        Must be flexible to work some evenings and weekends


Last updated on August 29, 2011