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Database Architect - FUNDSERV INC.

Database Architect, FUNDSERV INC.
Toronto, ON, CANADA
Posted Jan 14, 2011 1 Position(s)

FundSERV is the leading network services provider to the Canadian investment fund industry. Co-operatively owned and operated by the leading mutual fund companies in Canada, we currently have more than 500 members and 3,000 funds on-line. Products/and or Services : FundSERV has spearheaded the development of what we believe is the most efficient investment fund transaction processing system in the world. Provide the foundation for a fully automated investment fund environment by helping our members maximize the benefits of their investment in technology and promote efficiencies at every stage of the administrative process. Employment Opportunities : As a result of the growth in this industry, FundSERV is always looking for dynamic individuals to complement and expand our team. Because of our pivotal role in the industry, a good working knowledge of the funds industry is a valuable asset. Location: Great location, downtown Toronto, walking distance from Union Station.
Major Responsibilities
·      Install and configure Oracle DBMS
·      Administer and maintain Oracle databases (including resource and disk monitoring, backups, creation of users / roles)
·      Patch and upgrade various versions of Oracle DBMS
·      Design, create and execute disaster recovery plans for Oracle DBMS. Recommend, design and implement best practice based Oracle DBMS architecture
·      Configure and operate an Oracle DBMS in a SAN environment
·      Execute SQL scripts in various Oracle DBMS environments
·      Clone Oracle database environments
·      Perform database design, including physical, logical and conceptual designs
·      Install and configure Oracle Application Server and components
·      Patch and upgrade various versions of Oracle application server
·      Monitor and troubleshoot Oracle application server performance and issues
·      Install, configure and maintain various components of the Oracle E-business suite
·      Administer Oracle environment as a component of a Unix environment
·      Perform Unix system administration tasks as they relate to Oracle technologies

Competencies (Skills/Qualifications/Experience)
·         Post-Secondary Education specializing in engineering, computer science or information systems or equivalent working experience
·         Strong Unix, especially Solaris skills and Korn Shell scripting
·         Strong Oracle expertise in administration of Oracle 10g/11g database
·         Excellent knowledge of database and SQL performance tuning; and of Oracle backup, restore and disaster recovery scenarios
·         Good SQL knowledge and Familiar with Object Oriented design and programming
·         Familiarity with the specific requirements of a high throughput financial computing environment
·         Understanding of challenges associated with high capacity, 24×7 web sites
·         Relational database design
·         5 years of Oracle database administration experience and performance tuning is required
·         5+ years of database design experience, 2+ years of programming experience
·         Proficient in UML and ER diagrams
·         Good understanding of common application architecture as well as related methodologies
·         Very strong Performance Monitoring, Management, Tuning, and Troubleshooting skills
·         Experience and knowledge of IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server a plus
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