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Advisory Database Administrator - Sybase DBA - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CIBC

Advisory Database Administrator - Sybase DBA, CIBC
Toronto, ON, CANADA
Posted Dec 30, 2010 1 Position(s)

Business Unit Description:
Technology: responsible for the delivery of technology in support of all CIBC businesses and customers. Directly aligns to CIBC's businesses, with a technology team for each business. Delivers world class solutions in support of business strategies, through a combination of in-house systems development and working with leading technology partners. This group also manages CIBC's core computing facilities, telecommunications and networks globally.

Technology Operations: responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the Technology organization, focusing on an integrated approach to operations, service delivery, planning and the processes supporting CIBC. TO is also responsible for enterprise services such as email, Telecom, Disaster Recovery, Network Servers, Availability, Change Management and partnership with Hewlett Packard (HP).

Relevant Job Criteria:
. There is one full time position available.

Job Overview:
Responsible for physical databases on specific database technologies; design and implement back-up, recovery, archiving and conversion strategies.

o Lead and/or provide subject matter expertise in production and non-production databases for data development / maintenance ensuring consistency and integration with existing database infrastructure. Develop physical database models for database management system.
o Manage database distribution, configuration, security and access requirements. Design and develop physical databases.
o Lead and/or perform testing, reporting, capacity planning, performance tuning, back-up and restores.
o Provide leadership and technical expertise to on-going problem identification / resolution and root cause analysis process for database environments.

Extensive Work Experience:
o Written Communications--Ability to produce a variety of business documents that demonstrate command of language, clarity of thought and orderliness of presentation.
o Problem Solving--Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems.
o Oral Communications--Ability to express oneself and communicate with others verbally; recognizing that verbal communication is more than just language - it includes tone, style and structure.
o Managing Multiple Priorities--Ability to manage multiple concurrent objectives, projects, groups or activities. Effective judgment in prioritizing and time allocation.
o Information Management--Knowledge of organization's existing and planned information.
o Interpersonal Relationships--Knowledge of approaches, tools and techniques for working with individuals and groups in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Work Experience:
o Influencing--Ability to impact decisions within and outside own organization.
o Decision Making and Critical Thinking--Knowledge of tools and techniques for effective use of a broad range of factors, assumptions, frameworks and perspectives when solving problems.
o Consulting--Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques and roles and responsibilities in providing technical or business guidance to clients within and outside own area.
o Application Delivery Process--Knowledge of major tasks, deliverables, formal methodologies and disciplines for delivering new or enhanced applications.

o Peers and middle to senior management within own area.

o Analyzing available or random facts from various sources related to database structure and application to develop a solution that addresses problems or performance improvements.
o Tracking and understanding all production and testing environments for their clients' data, structure, volumes, disk allocation, and performance.
o Predicting system performance and understanding impacts of databases, applications, network and Operating System (O/S) layers.
o Bridging gaps between the architecture or a solution design and the database applications relationships, which may be described only at a high level.
o Understanding data modeling techniques, the application solution, and data retrieval requirements in order to create the best physical database solution.
o Keeping up with database industry standards, products, trends and solutions to provide sufficient background and problem descriptions in order to perform an efficient investigation to resolve problems or issues.
o Understanding changes in scope of a project or enhancement, the relevant components that might be affected in current and future processes and ensuring the proper management of risk for the planned changes.
o Data patching or "hot" production system fixes errors may affect users, client data or cause-missed opportunities in marketing campaigns.

o Contact with peers with own area and middle management.
o After hour work and on call support as needed.

o Sybase (8 years)
o Sybase Central (5 years)
o Database project implementation (5 years)
o Solaris (3 years)

o SQLServer (2 years)

o Bachelors Degree or Masters in related field.

o Accountability
o Teamwork & Partnering
o Building Trust
o Impact & Influence
o Communication
o Creative / Innovative Thinking
o Relationship Building

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