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Senior Oracle Database Administrator - BMO FINANCIAL GROUP.

Senior Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) - Toronto --- Job ID: 74732, BMO FINANCIAL GROUP

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Posted Jan 21, 2011 1 Position(s)

At our company, we have been helping our customers and communities for over 190 years. Working with us means being part of a team of talented, passionate individuals with a shared focus on working together to deliver great customer experiences. We stand behind your success with the support you need to turn your potential into performance.

BMO Financial Group is committed to an inclusive, equitable and accessible workplace. By embracing diversity, we gain strength through our people and our perspectives.

This Toronto based role will require the individual to take ownership of the Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition infrastructure used by the BMO Capital Markets trading floors in Toronto, New York, Chicago, and London. Responsibilities will include hardware selection and configuration, software installation and patching, account management, performance tuning, backups and proactive monitoring. The individual will use their Oracle expertise to provide custom solutions for specific areas within BMO Capital Markets including derivatives trading, electronic trading, and regulatory initiatives.
Required Skills and Experience:
·  . Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition administration on Solaris, Linux, and Windows
·  . Oracle 11g Server installation on Solaris, Linux, and Windows
·  . Oracle Real Application Clusters
·  . Database partitioning and data warehousing
·  . Kerberos authentication and advanced security
·  . Database links and heterogeneous gateways
·  . Oracle/Sun and Intel database hardware and storage solutions

Desirable Skills and Experience:
·  . In memory databases
·  . Database replication
·  . OLAP
·  . Custom trade floor development
·  . Sybase ASE administration
·  . Microsoft SQL Server administration

·  . Trading Systems (e.g., Calypso, Openlink)

As part of your application process, please respond to the questions below. These answers should be added to the bottom of your resume. Failure to answer these questions will remove your application from consideration. Please note that the first two questions are indicative of the questions that will be asked during any technical interview.

1. How are PCTFREE and PCTUSED parameters used for a heap table?
2. How do you determine if a table has chained rows?
3. Who is your favourite author of Oracle books?
4. Given table t (t char(1)) with 5 rows, A through E, what does the following statement output?

select case length(col) when 2 then reverse(col)Â'AÂ' else col end as col from (select distinct listagg(t) within group (order by t) over (partition by mod(ascii(t),2)) as col from t)
order by col;

The working environment provides minimal exposure to discomfort or risk to safety. As well, flexibility in work hours is required, from time to time, in order to meet project delivery timelines.

BMO Financial Group thanks all applicants. We advise only those who qualify for an interview will be contacted.

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Last updated on February 05, 2011