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Database Administrator (Oracle) - Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA)

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Employer Profile:
Vancouver Island Health Authority/VIHA - Vitoria BC; the publicly-funded health care provider in an area in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The region includes the communities of Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Johnstone Strait, and Central Coast; current job postings.

Role Title: Database Administrator (Oracle) Role Description No.: 00704
Program / Department: Information Management Information Technology (IMIT) HEABC Reference Number:
Reporting To: Manager, Platform and Integration Services HSCIS No.: 05050
Classification: NCEM / Range 7
Job Code: 05050T

Role Summary

In accordance with the Mission, Vision, Values and strategic direction of the Vancouver Island Health Authority, patient safety is a priority and a responsibility shared by everyone at VIHA; as such, the requirement to continuously improve quality and safety is inherent in all aspects of this position. 

Reporting to the Manager, Platform and Integration Services, the Database Administrator works within the IM/IT platform services team to provide technical services and consultation in the planning, management, and delivery of Vancouver Island Health Authority's (VIHA) health care and business applications platform services, with an emphasis on management and administration of the In4Tek and Cerner healthcare platform infrastructures, and underlying Oracle relational database platforms, running on the SUN/SPARC Solaris and HP's HP-UX operating systems.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

1. Works with VIHA - IM /IT Programmer Analysts, Project Analysts, Project Managers, clients and vendor partners overseeing the architecture, design, implementation, and support of a number of health and business applications, with a focus on the technical platform, which typically have an Oracle relational database running on SUN/Sparc - Solaris or HP-UX operating systems.

2. Supports various layered products incorporated into vendor supplied solutions considered middleware, including but not limited to websphere, java virtual machines, interface engines, proprietary code installers, management and monitoring toolsets and internet servers.

3. Monitors, resolves incidents, and constructs support documentation related to the Oracle database products and middleware (platform) layer with emphasis on vendor supported products.

4. Provides technical consultation for all Oracle databases. Responsible for overall stability, maintainability, and business continuity of the Oracle database infrastructure and platform layers to mission-critical standards.  Coordinates and /or performs installation, upgrade, or patching activities for vendor platforms. 

5. Manages and maintains SUN/Sparc - Solaris operating systems, including installations and upgrades, installing patches, tuning, development and maintenance of shell scripts. Implements approved changes to the standard database products and related tools such as upgrades to the Oracle version, installing Oracle service patches, layering on business value added products such as dataguard.

6. Monitors database performance to meet SLA's.

7. Acts as the key resource in maintaining the quality of logical data models, developing the logical data model and implementing the physical database.

8. Designs database security plans.

9. Creates and maintains DBMS plans to ensure infrastructure capacity and software releases meets VIHA current and future business needs.

10. Delivers metrics specific to service delivery, for example measures performance improvements obtained through a scheduled re-indexing of the DBMS

11. Resolves DBMS incidents escalated from the Service Desk and/or escalates these to appropriate vendor contacts for resolution.

12. Participates in determining DBMS requirements for new applications and advises Project Managers on standards, service levels, change requirements, and time lines.

13. Participates with or provides direction to IM/IT Application Analysts, Lab infomatics, Pharmacy and Radiology teams in the application testing process, with emphasis on technical consultation for the platform.

14. Ensures that due consideration for business continuity and disaster recovery planning is applied to the Oracle Server/ Data Repository infrastructure.

15. Performs backups and recoveries, performance monitoring, performance optimization, disk space utilization, software installation and upgrades, logical and physical data modeling, development of stored procedures, triggers, views, loaders and other database objects, ETL procedures, interfacing and installation and upgrade and support of the Solaris Operating system.

16. Leads staff training in the use and implementation of application platforms, Oracle software, Solaris system administration, as well as related tools, and best practices.

17. Performs other related duties as assigned.


A level of education, training and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science plus four (4) years' recent related experience in management of large database implementations with a minimum of two (2) years' experience performing Oracle DBA and system administration responsibilities in a SPARC/Solaris environment.  At least one (1) year experience working on a large project team with other technical staff.  Certifications for Oracle Database Administration and Solaris System Administration and familiarity with the Cerner, health care clinical suite of applications or In4Teck, PARIS health solution preferred.

  • Ability to keep skills set up to date with new technologies as they are introduced to the workplace. 
  • Effective interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Ability to write programs in a variety of programming languages such as Korn shell scripts, SQL Plus, ANSI SQL and Perl. 
  • Ability to analyze issues arriving at decisive actions in stressful situations.
  • Versed in data repository and metadata best practices.
  • Ability to work independently and organize workload and priorities. 
  • Ability to transfer knowledge and skills to other department staff. 
  • Ability to provide clear and concise system documentation and procedures for other staff.
  • Physical ability to perform job. 
  • Ability to participate in an on-call rotation and occasional work after hours is required to meet operational needs.

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Last updated on March 27, 2012