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Senior Database/Data Administrator -North American Construction Group Inc. (NACG)

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North American Construction Group Inc. (NACG) - Edmonton, Alberta;North American Construction Group Inc. (NACG) is the premier provider of mining, heavy construction, industrial, piling and pipeline services in Canada. By offering such a wide range of services, NACG can provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to meet our customer's requirements. ; Past job postings: Senior Database/Data Administrator ; DBMS: MS SQL 2005/2008; current job postings.

Senior Database/Data Administrator, NORTH AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION GROUP

Acheson, AB, CANADA; Edmonton, AB, CANADA
Posted Oct 5, 2011 1 Position(s)



For over 50 years North American Construction Group Inc. (NACG) has worked to build a solid reputation as an industry leader. As one of the largest providers of mining, heavy construction, industrial, piling, and pipeline services in Western Canada, we have the precise combination of knowledge and experience that clients seek when they select a service provider.

We take pride in providing the highest possible level of service to our clients. By fostering a healthy and safe work environment, NACG is able to attract some of the best individuals in the industry. Our experienced team of professionals is able to tackle any job while adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality. NACG has a proven quality assurance program that has been developed for both broad and specific scopes of work, our piling division is ISO 9001:2000 certified and all of our business units are ISO compliant.

Unrivalled in excellence, North American Construction Group is determined to always be the service provider that is first and foremost in the minds of our clients, employees and stakeholders.

North American Construction Group - We build careers!

North American Construction Group was named one of Alberta's Top 50 Employers for 2011! This prestigious honor, presented by MediaCorp Canada, recognizes NACG as one of the province's most progressive employers, Some of the criteria that helped shine a spotlight on NACG included:

  • the Company's significant investment in Learning & Development
  • the diverse career opportunities we provide across several different industries
  • our competitive compensation packages
  • Performance Management processes
  • profit sharing
  • and the successful Co-op and Grad programs we employ to provide valuable hands-on experience for students

For the past few years, our company has worked diligently to create a strong corporate culture and to provide all the tools our employees need to succeed.

Position Scope:

The Data Administration role will be data dictionary support, data naming meta-data reports, database structure generation, data standards development, support strategic planning functions, support business and systems reengineering, support architectural functions, support business analysts, support corporate and project-modeling efforts, maintain true core enterprise components, create standards and procedures for decentralization and specialization.

The Database Administrator is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of all of NACG's major databases. Additional role requirements include planning, development and troubleshooting. Key will be the ability to work in Microsoft SQL, Oracle and DB2 environments.

The incumbent will ensure that data remains consistent across the databases; data is clearly defined; all client can access data (that they are authorized to access) concurrently, in a form that suits their needs; and there is provision for data security and recovery control (all data is retrievable in an emergency).


To ensure:

  • the referential integrity of all of data in NACG's mission critical applications;
  • the security and accessibility of all data in NACG's mission critical applications;
  • application performance through physical tuning of databases;
  • data normalization by utilization 3rd normal form physical data structures and logical data models;
  • holistic, enterprise wide, data modeling enabling future access to data for business intelligence and data warehouse purposes;
  • when data is recovered, regardless of reason or cause, it is usable (accurate and consistent)
  • support for data consistency and data cleansing activities;
  • the above activities are auditable for both internal and sox data audits.


  • establishing the needs of clients and monitoring user access and security;
  • monitoring performance and managing parameters to provide fast query responses to 'front end' clients;
  • mapping out the 'conceptual design' for a planned database in outline;
  • considering both 'back end' organization of data and 'front end' accessibility for end clients;
  • developing and refining the 'logical design' so that it can be translated into a specific data model;
  • further refining the 'physical design' to meet system storage requirements;
  • installing and testing new versions of the database management system (DBMS);
  • maintaining data standards, including adherence to the Data Protection Act;
  • writing database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary ('metadata');
  • controlling access permissions and privileges;
  • developing, managing and testing backup and recovery plans;
  • ensuring that storage, archiving, backup and recovery procedures are functioning correctly;
  • capacity planning;
  • working closely with IT project managers, database programmers and web developers;
  • communicating regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security;
  • commissioning and installing new applications.
  • University degree at a bachelor's or Master's level in Computing Science, Management Information Systems or other related field. Or equivalent work experience.
  • 15 or more years of IT and business/industry work experience, with 5 to 7 years experience in a DA/DBA role for multiple IT/business functions.
  • Possess strong business acumen together with a strong ability to deal with people issues.
  • Possess a strong understanding of data / database (normalization techniques) technology in order to ensure deployment of business solutions that are workable within the NACG environment.
  • Strong decision making skills, proven analytical and communication skills and consistently demonstrate proficiency in organizing and planning and have a client service/results focused approach.
  • Superior analysis experience.
  • Proven leadership, teamwork and team building skills
  • Pursuit of possession of the Information Systems Professional (ISP) designation is required.

Rewards of our positions include competitive compensation and benefits packages and excellent career growth prospects. To explore this opportunity, please submit a resume of your experience and accomplishments in confidence.

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Last updated on October 10, 2011